Welcome to Erkaya Group®

In short we design and manufacture men's clothing.

As Erkaya GroupĀ® employees, we come to our office with great pleasure every morning.

New men's clothing models created in the design department excite us all.

Shipment to more than 80 countries from our warehouse makes us all proud.

We are happy to meet new people at international fairs and introduce them our world-known brands Patrick Figaro, Antoni Zeeman, Torres and Giotelli's new collections.

Thanks to our good planning and stock tracking, we can offer the best solution for every need.

"Keep up with the era."

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What we do?

Here are some of our expertise

Contract manufacturing

All of our products are sold to more than 80 countries with our own brands. In addition, if there is only quality clothes and / or accessories are required, we cannot have a reason to not meet at a common point.

Creative designs

Our design team is working hard to get the best model. Our team is very careful when determining the materials to be used. Almost all departments work simultaneously and harmoniously for the most comfortable, stylish and great-looking clothes.

Best quality for reasonable price

We produce our products with the best quality fabrics and materials. All materials are carefully inspected and selected. All these materials come together with unique craftsmanship and are offered to your liking. Of course at the best prices.

High & fast production capacity

According to user demands or models decided by our design team, production starts. In our very high production capacity, each product undergoes quality control in many stages.

Top-down clothing

In particular, we are specialized in men's suits. We're there for a man's special days and everyday life.Shoes, bags, handkerchiefs and many more accessories. With the same devotion, we produce jackets, trousers and outerwear clothes without sacrificing quality.

High quality technology

We closely follow new technologies and developments and integrate them into our own system. We love meeting new people, different cultures' style and interests. Our excitement and curiosity motivate us to design new products.

How we operate

Step by step our process

Selection of material

  • ✔ The process that begins with the choice of fabrics is actually one of the most enjoyable and also distressing processes.

  • ✔ Our Creative Department decides on the most suitable fabric for their designs and makes their choices with great care.

  • ✔ All of the fabrics from the best suppliers in the domestic market are imported and first class.

  • ✔ In the materials used, among the selection criteria, the product price is the last.

  • Creative Touch

  • ✔ The models prepared in accordance with the brand's theme are designed with great devotion and unique creativity.

  • ✔ Designers reviewing each stage of the project try to achieve the best results without skipping any details.

  • ✔ Our designers who follow the latest trends and innovations try to add a different color and harmony to industrial designs.

  • Manufacturing

  • ✔ The manufacturing phase is the stage where all departments are eagerly waiting for the sample.

  • ✔ When the first sample arrives, all the details are subject to design and quality control.

  • ✔ After the approval of conformity, the production starts in the specified quantities and that will bring us to the launch stage.

  • ✔ Every stage of production is controlled continuously and any deficiencies are eliminated in place.

  • Launch

  • ✔ After the production of the designs are finished, they are introduced through many different channels.

  • ✔ Introductions in areas such as fashion shows, promotional videos and showrooms take place at the same time.

  • ✔ These fashion shows, which are attended by well-known artists and celebrities, are spreading rapidly in the fashion world to magazine pages.

  • Inventory

  • ✔ Products prepared with great care and carefully according to the orders placed.

  • ✔ It is ready for shipment in non-destructive packages.

  • ✔ Maximum effort is made to prevent any damage to the product from the time of exiting the factory to the destination.

  • ✔ All products are arranged according to their destination. Sizes, colors, quantity are examined and passed through a final quality check.

  • Shipping

  • ✔ Our designs attract so much attention that we send our brands to more than 80 points in the world.

  • ✔ Products prepared in the warehouse, according to the demand, sea, land or air transport is sent to the 4 sides of the world.

  • ✔ We are working with great devotion to provide the best and fastest service to our customers in many parts of the world.

  • ✔ Our goal is to deliver the products they want to their end users with the fastest and most affordable price.
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